Valve; Electronic Brake Line Shut-off

Valve; Electronic Brake Line Shut-off
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Product Description

Wilwood introduces the ultimate electronic brake shut-off valve for your Dwarf Car or Modlite!Engineered specifically as a race caliper shut-off valve!
  • Other valves commonly used as shut-off valves are designed as drag race line locks.
  • Line Locks are NOT designed to be kept in the ON position continuously and can overheat and fail if used as a shutoff.
  • Line Locks can also trap pressure in the brake system and cause the brakes to drag. Wilwood shut-off valves can be engaged without trapping pressure in caliper (will not drag brake).
  • Wilwood's purpose -built and designed shut-off valve uses much less power and runs much cooler than line lock valves.
Race with confidence, with the most advanced brake valve on the track!